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Title: Leisure Craft Skipper

Register for the theory examination

Register for the theory examination 8562 - 8562_Títol de patró/ona d'embarcacions d'esbarjo Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació

The deadline for submitting applications for this year has already passed.
The examination dates may be consulted on this web page.

Documentation to be attached to applications:

  1. In the case of applicants who are between 16 and 18 years old, signed authorisation from their parent or legal guardian, with a photocopy of the parent’s or guardian’s National Identity Document (DNI) or passport.
  2. Photocopy of the applicant’s National Identity Document (DNI), residence permit or passport.
  3. Proof of payment of the examination fee.
  4. Official medical documentation certifying that the interested party meets the necessary physical conditions that are outlined in Resolution of 5 January 2009 of the Directorate General of the Merchant Navy. Instead of medical documentation it is possible to submit a certified photocopy of evidence that the applicant is in the correct physical condition for sailing: the documentation relating to the medical examination of the Social Institute of the Merchant Navy (ISM) or of those performed by military doctors.


If the application is is handled by Internet, the fee will benefit from a 10% discount.

Preparation for the examinations
To prepare for the theory examination, the applicant has two options:

  1. Studying on their own.
  2. Registering at one of the authorised academies, which will guide study for the examination.

It is possible to see the curriculum for the theory examination as well as the structure of the examination on the Nautical and Fishing Training School of Catalonia (ECNPC).